Tolstoy. Hemingway. Orwell.
Elliot Reid doesn’t even come close, but he’s ok.
What’s more, since you would be pretty hard pressed these days to get any of those gentlemen to write for you, this is essentially the best you’re gonna get.

“Pen Slinger.”
“Fastest ink in the West.”
“So quick-witted you’re liable to get whiplash.”
Am I a cowboy? No. But I will fire off words like nobody’s business, shooting from the hip and not giving a damn who the truth hits.
Plus I do wear spurs.

With all the humour of John Cleese’s great nephew’s second cousin; all the mental acuity of a man who once held a door for Winston Churchill in an elevator- Elliot Reid can take your mind and spill it all onto a page in concise, robust language.